About School


The school seeks to provide the society with a creative generation who is capable to overcome the challenges by teaching the Holy Quran, promoting the principles of Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad and by applying advanced educational methods. We aim to contribute in the formation of the personality of a creative, initiative and responsible who will develop his family, his school, and his homeland.
Al-Ghubra Private School is not just a school, it is an approach to life.



Together towards a bright future.



  1. Motivate students.
  2. Participate in local competitions.
  3. Represent fun educational methodologies.
  4. Contribute in community activities.
  5. Develop students’ talents such as: poetry and drawing.
  6. Set extra-curricular activities as our top priority.
  7. Develop student reading skills.
  8. Expose student to the best practice of the day-to-day activities.
  9. Demonstrate the concept of teamwork among students throughout
    all school activities.
  10. Use modern technologies in the teaching process.
  11. Communicate with parents to maintain students’ discipline and
    educational progress.


  1. Respect for others.
  2. Tolerance.
  3. Honesty and transparency.

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